Cyber security case study questions

The digital world is surrounded by cyber-attacks, this requires a well-trained army of cyber warriors who can foresee, detect and restrict the threats. The demand for Cyber Security Professionals far exceeds the supply - creating exciting opportunities for individuals who are willing to re-skill themselves for a career in cybersecurity. This means the career opportunities for cybersecurity professionals are very promising right now.

Having said that, clearing a cybersecurity interview is not a simple task as more knowledge is required to become a cybersecurity professional for handling sophisticated threats. Cybersecurity refers to the protection of internet-connected systems such as software, hardware, electronic data, etc.

In a computing text, it is referred to as protection against unauthorized access. Cryptography is a method to transform and transmit confidential data in an encoded way to protect the information from third parties for whom data is not authorized. Gain essential skills to defend your organization from security threats by enrolling in our Cyber Security Training. CIA confidentiality, integrity, and availability triad is a model designed to handle policies for information security within an organization.

Both hashing and encryption are used to convert readable data into an unreadable format. The significant difference is that encrypted data can be transformed into original data by decryption, whereas hashed data cannot be processed back to the original data.

A firewall is a security system used to control and monitor network traffic. A three-way handshake process is used in TCP Transmission Control Protocol network for transmission of data in a reliable way between the host and the client.

Brute Force Attack is a trial and error method that is employed for application programs to decode encrypted data such as data encryption keys or passwords using brute force rather than using intellectual strategies.

The following are the most common types of cybersecurity attacks:. Data Leakage refers to the illegal transmission of data to an external destination or unauthorized entity within an organization. It can transfer data either physically or electronically. It usually occurs via the web, emails, and mobile data storage devices. The Disgruntled or ill-intentioned Employee - The authorized entity sends confidential data to an unauthorized body.

Electronic Communications with Malicious Intent - The problem is all the electronic mediums are capable of file transferring and external access sources over the internet.

A Traceroute is a network diagnostic tool, used for tracking the pathway of an IP network from source to destination. It records the period of each hop the packet makes while its route to its destination. CSRF is referred to as Cross-site Request Forgery, where an attacker tricks a victim into performing actions on their behalf. A port scanning is an application designed for identifying open ports and services accessible on a host network.

cyber security case study questions

Security administrators mostly utilize it for exploiting vulnerabilities, and also by hackers for targeting victims. Cognitive security is one of the applications of AI technologies that is used explicitly for identifying threats and protecting physical and digital systems based on human understanding processes.

Self-learning security systems use pattern recognition, natural language processing, and data mining to mimic the human brain. Phishing is a malicious attempt of pretending oneself as an authorized entity in electronic communication for obtaining sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, etc. Attackers mostly use this to avoid application security measures and thereby access, modify, and delete unauthorized data.

The following ways will help you to keep up with the latest cybersecurity updates:. A DDOS distributed denial-of-service is a malicious attempt of disrupting regular traffic of a network by flooding with a large number of requests and making the server unavailable to the appropriate requests.

The requests come from several unauthorized sources and hence called distributed denial of service attack. Compared to both, a false positive is more acceptable than false-negative as they lead to intrusions without getting noticed. A cybersecurity risk assessment refers to detecting the information assets that are prone to cyber-attacks including customer data, hardware, laptop, etc.

Top 50 Cyber Security Interview Questions and Answers (updated for 2018)

The main objective of the OSI model is to process the communication between two endpoints in a network.The interview process is tough, not only for the candidates but also for the interviewers. The process also depends on the position for which the hiring is done. For a replacement; the skills of the previous employee are taken as the benchmark.

In case a team is getting expanded, the management knows the skills that they expect in the candidates.

cyber security case study questions

The interview process is tough because:. Interviewers are usually interested in the candidates who have the necessary domain and technical knowledge unless they are hiring for a particular skill e.

Once the resume gets shortlisted, this gets followed by the basic HR call. This ensures that the resume is updated, the person is looking for a change and sometimes a basic set of questions about your experience and reason for change. The call will also ensure that whether your resume has been sent for the next level review.

The next level can be over a telephonic call, face to face interview or over Skype. Level 1 will actually test your knowledge whereas level 2 will go for your experience and attitude towards work. So be prepared with the basics of information security, technical knowledge and your resume well versed along with a positive attitude. Level 04 - Grandmaster Senior management roles. Explain risk, vulnerability and threat?

TIP: A good way to start this answer is by explaining vulnerability, and threat and then risk. Back this up with an easy to understand example.

cyber security case study questions

Vulnerability weakness is a gap in the protection efforts of a system, a threat is an attacker who exploits that weakness. Risk is the measure of potential loss when that the vulnerability is exploited by the threat e. Default username and password for a server — An attacker can easily crack into this server and compromise it Here's a resource that will navigate you through cyber security attacks.

What is the difference between Asymmetric and Symmetric encryption and which one is better? TIP: Keep the answer simple as this is a vast topic. Symmetric encryption uses the same key for both encryption and decryption, while Asymmetric encryption uses different keys for encryption and decryption. Symmetric is usually much faster but the key needs to be transferred over an unencrypted channel. Asymmetric on the other hand is more secure but slow. Hence, a hybrid approach should be preferred.

Setting up a channel using asymmetric encryption and then sending the data using symmetric process. IDS will just detect the intrusion and will leave the rest to the administrator for further action whereas an IPS will detect the intrusion and will take further action to prevent the intrusion.

Another difference is the positioning of the devices in the network. Although they work on the same basic concept but the placement is different.Cyber Security Hub aims to produce case studies routinely, in which the site's editorial staff chats with leading security executives about recent initiatives with ROI and measurable results.

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Maximize Network Security. Considering the complex, dynam Become a Member today! We use cookies and similar technologies to recognize your visits and preferences, as well as to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and analyze traffic. To learn more about cookies, including how to disable them, view our Cookie Policy Close.Your awareness is key to protecting our national security.

Explore a growing repository of U. Learn about the crimes, the sentences, the impact, and the potential risk indicators that, if identified, could have mitigated harm. You may search these case studies by various criteria including gender, type of crime, and military affiliation. Individual case studies contain information such as plea, court Court Martial, US District Court, and Federalyear convicted, age at time of conviction, job, employer, country of concern, method of operation, method of contact, technology, indicators, and sentencing.

Search Case Studies. Study analyzed accounts of real-world security activities, events, or threats to build awareness and help identify the impacts of adverse behavior on National Security. Any attempted or successful access to, exfiltration of, manipulation of, or impairment to the integrity, confidentiality, security, or availability of data, an application.

Many people actually still do, but there is a difference. Economic Espionage also involves the loss of U. US export laws and regulations restrict the export of controlled information, goods, and technology for reasons of national security or protection of trade.

cyber security case study questions

Kinetic violence incidents are tragic, often unpredictable and evolve quickly. There are a number of kinetic violence resources, and this toolkit tab is one of them—to help organizations and their workforces understand kinetic violence, what to look for and report with regard to indicators and behaviors, and how to respond in the event of an active shooter incident or other workplace violence event. Improper handling of classified documents can happen.

Sometimes the mishandling is unwitting, but it can also be a potential risk indicator for Insider Threat. Knowing how to handle these situations is crucial to protecting our nation's secrets.

An act or acts with intent to injure, interfere with, or obstruct the national defense of a country by willfully injuring or destroying, or attempting to injure or destroy, any national defense or war materiel, premises, or utilities, to include human and natural resources.

Unauthorized disclosure is the communication or physical transfer of classified or controlled unclassified information to an unauthorized recipient. An unauthorized recipient can be anyone. They can be potential employers who see what you post on social network sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. They can even be media outlets and foreign intelligence services.

You never know whose hands such information will fall into. Unauthorized Disclosure of classified information is a type of security incident that can be characterized as an infraction or violation depending on the seriousness of the incident. Unauthorized disclosure of classified Information can happen in various ways. It can be disclosed either intentionally or accidentally and can occur through leaks, spills, espionage, or not following proper safeguarding procedures.

Most insider threats exhibit risky behavior prior to committing negative workplace events. Not all of these potential risk indicators will be evident in every insider threat and not everyone who exhibits these behaviors is doing something wrong.

However, most of insider threats have displayed at least some of the potential risk indicators. If identified early, many risks can be mitigated before harm to the organization occurs. Select an indicator to explore some examples. Criminal violent behavior, to include sexual assault and domestic violence or other criminal behavior voluntary admission, included during polygraph examination or investigation, substantiated report or arrest, criminal proceedingsexhibiting violence at work directed against property or personsthreatening violence, possessing unauthorized weapon, authorized weapon at an unauthorized time or location, weapon mishandling, criminal behavior involving weapons, failure to follow court order, parole or probation or violation thereof, criminal affiliations, delf-harm, suicidal ideation, or attempting suicide.

Financial crime voluntary admission, including during polygraph or investigation, substantiated report or arrest, criminal proceedingfiling for bankruptcy adverse changes to financial status, foreclosure or repossession, loan default, involuntary lien or unfavorable judgementdelinquent debts, high debt-to-income ratio, failure to file tax returns, pay garnishment, displaying signs of unexplained affluence, experienced gambling problem.In Julythe fintech company confirmed that 7, of their customers had been affected by a security breach after user information was discovered being offered for sale on a public forum.

The company blamed the breach on their former busi In Julythe company, which provides hundreds of non-profits and educational facilities with customer relationship management services, disclosed that they had suffered a ransomware attack. More than education and third-sector organisations m In Julythe university disclosed that they had launched an investigation after a ransomware attack occurred in May at the third party provider of their customer relationship management system.

Personal details of students, staff and alumni In Julythe company disclosed that they had been the target of a data breach, initially stating that no financial information, private messages or phone numbers were exposed. Shortly afterwards the company revealed an incident update on a suppor In Aprilthe company published a notice on its official website outlining that their security team had discovered unauthorized access to one of their employee's email accounts between 22 to 24 January.

Although the company stated that they h Cyber Security Case Studies The most trusted source for high-quality, peer-reviewed, cyber security case studies Search. Premier risk-driven analysis All our analysis is overseen some of the leading members of the risk community and includes lessons learnt, controls environment and root cause analysis.

Learn more Cutting edge technology platform We use a combination of natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and dissect each cyber security event. Let us do the analysis so you can make the decisions Security breach after hacker published details of 7, users on public forum dave.

Paid ransom to have the hijacked data destroyed by the cybercriminals Blackbaud and Blackbaud Inc. Data breach where staff and student records were stolen University of York In Julythe university disclosed that they had launched an investigation after a ransomware attack occurred in May at the third party provider of their customer relationship management system. Breach of user data on its online storytelling platform Wattpad Corp.Their challenge was to strengthen the components through the creation of one secure network and reduce the number of data centers.

In order to do this, the DHS needed to coordinate centralized, integrated activities across components that are distinct in their missions and operations. Launched by the Office of Management and Budget inthe FDCC ensures that federal workstations have standardized, uniform, desktop configurations to enable more consistent and better documented security while reducing costs.

The DHS needed a solution that would allow it to support the component consolidation effort, transforming the 21 sites by unifying and controlling access to key servers at those sites while maintaining the separation of duties within and across the component agencies. It also needed a solution that could quickly and easily be dropped into technology already in place.

The solution criteria were crystal clear. The DHS needed a solution that supported remote access, desktop virtualization, two-factor authentication and auditing. It also needed out-of-the-box multi-platform support along with integration with existing cyber security products.

As part of the selection process, the DHS vetted several cyber security products from a variety of market leading vendors. The DHS selected a cyber security product that provides access control for privileged users, including company employees, partners, consultants and IT staff, along with the computing infrastructure.

The cyber security product controls, contains and audits the activity of privileged users, whether they originate from inside or outside of the network. The cyber security product also enforces fine grained access control policy on users, contains them to authorized systems and applications, and monitors, logs, records and reports their activities for compliance and security risk management.

This gives DHS control over its privileged users and high risk assets. It also allows DHS to enforce access control policies and contains users in a manner that enables them to see only the network resources to which they have access. With an identity-based access control solution, the cyber security product provides the DHS with access control, user containment and audit-quality logging in a single appliance-based offering. From an operations and risk perspective, this allows the DHS to granularly control who gets access to what servers, when and for how long in an easy-to-manage unified offering.

The cyber security product also enables DHS to contain users from its 21 sites to authorized systems and applications without any reconfiguration of its network. Finally, the cyber security product has increased security awareness at the DHS. With the cyber security product, the DHS has been able to provide privileged users with highly secure access to key servers in its facilities.

As a result, the DHS has increased network security while enforcing the cyber security policy. It does this at the desktop level since the secure access is provisioned via a Web browser without an additional desktop client required.

The DHS has also used the cyber security product to streamline operations. This has been possible because the cyber security product provides a single solution for controlling, monitoring, logging and tracking all administrator changes.

Now, DHS can easily determine when a change was made and the implications of that change. The DHS derived several additional benefits from the appliance. First, DHS found the anti-leapfrogging capabilities beneficial, which contain users to authorized resources. Another benefit was being able to add keystroke loggers to administrative accounts and prevent them from doing any intentional or unintentional damage.

The DHS needs a solution that supports remote access, desktop virtualization, two-factor authentication and auditing. It also needs out-of-the-box multi-platform support along with integration with existing cyber security products. The cyber security solution gives DHS control over its privileged users and high risk assets.Instagram visitors can search for a hashtag to explore content within that subject.

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Cyber Security -BIOMETRIC DATA LOSS - Case Study 105-cyber attack, data breach, information security

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Case Studies

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