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Great article, exactly what I wanted to find. Also visit my website: website design. Ken, Great details however not totally factual unfortunately. I was an SP at Butterworth September Greg McMahon. Greg, thanks for your comments. Since writing this piece I have come into possession of other information - some supplied by my RCB contacts and other from my own research.

Some of this information does highlight some errors in the above - but not IMO important ones. More importantly it only strengthens the argument for recognition of warlike service. I have also become aware that there were RAAF members at Alor Setar for at least some of the time in question as well as army at Port Dickson - the latter being targeted by rockets at least once. G'day Swampy, Extremely well researched and written.

Well done. Ken, Thankyou for your time and effort with this very well researched and written report. I am sure we all hope the Government settles this matter in favour of those that put Duty First. Thanks for your comment. It is a fight I believe is worth fighting and something I believe the Australian Public should be aware of.

I am in communication with a few of the RCB blokes. We have made individual submissions to the minister for defence to review the case. One of the blokes has also asked the minister to have an independent review of the way Defense has handled the case - or mishandled might be more appropriate. One thing you could do is communicate with your local member. If you came to this blog through the RAR website you will find some background there. Thanks again Ken, for the links and info.

Have been in touch with RCB review group and have read a bit of the stuff. Keep up the good work, amazing bit of research and argument. Will contact my local MP asap. Cheers Ray. Thanks Ray. I was with 75 Sqn in 79, safe in my bed while you blokes were protecting my butt.

Hi Ken I'd value your opinion on my proposed letter to my local member. Those who served in Rifle Company Butterworth RCB between have been constantly denied proper recognition for their service.

The Whitlam government formed the rifle company to provide security to Australian assets and personnel at Air Base Butterworth and as a quick reaction force to counter any communist terrorist attack on the base. This paper has already been sent to the Parliamentary Secretary for Defence requesting a new review in light of the new evidence.This section of our website contains many of the best UFO photographs ever taken.

The list is by no means complete. We do not assert that all of the images on these pages represent extraterrestrial controlled spacecraft. New pictures are added as they are found and verified, so please come back to see updates. Note: Please do NOT link directly to our images.

RMAF Base Butterworth

Download the images to your own server first, and then link from there. Thanks, B J. Thanks, B J Click on thumbnail image to see larger picture. Henry Rowland was doing landscape work for a client in California in the s, and when the client finished paying him for the work he asked Henry, "Do you want to see a picture my brother took last week? He frantically ran to his car to get his camera, and in the nick of time held it up the split second when the thing reappeared again from behind the hill and shot off into the sky.

While travelling along the edge of the lake, Jim and his wife saw seven strange glowing orbs as shown in the photograph. Jim estimated that they were 3 to 4 feet in diameter. They moved about slowly for the estimated 15 minutes that they watched them as he and his wife traveled down the lake.

His concentration was devoted to the rough water. Jim or his wife never mentioned anything to George until the film was developed, about a week later. No other information is available. They all looked up to see a shiny, metallic object glinting brilliantly where it caught the sun's rays in the clear blue sky. The object was disc-shaped and had a low-profile curved dome on the top, with some kind of oval-shaped or rounded-rectangular black marks or openings around its sides.

At AM on May 6,Mr. Lars Thorn, a truck driver, was riding with his son on his motor-bike in the neighborhood of the Skillingaaryd gunnery field in central Sweden, when they caught sight of an unconventional aerial object through the trees in the direction of the bunker. On the upper side there appeared to be a dome.

Just below the dome there was something gray and red, and again just below that, I could see what looked like a green ribbon or band around the rim.

The very bottom was red.The facility is also used as a civil airport. Political considerations with regards to communist forces engaging in a civil war inside Laos and fears of the civil war spreading into Thailand led the Thai government to allow the United States to covertly use five Thai bases beginning in for the air defense of Thailand and to fly reconnaissance flights over Laos.

Thai air police controlled access to the bases, along with USAF Security Police, who assisted them in base defense using sentry dogs, observation towers, and machine gun bunkers. Ubon was the location of TACAN station Channel 51 and was referenced by that identifier in voice communications during air missions.

This detachment was designated No. The mission of No. The unit's strength during the entire period was about — men. Sir Edmund Hillary visited the base on 25 January With its CAC Sabres now obsolete and restricted from operating outside Thai airspace, the squadron was disbanded at the end of July At Ubon, the 8th TFW's mission included bombardment, ground support, air defense, interdiction, and armed reconnaissance.

The operational squadrons of the 8th TFW were: [4] : On 11 Augustthe 8th, th and th Tactical Fighter Wings conducted a raid on the Paul Doumer railroad and highway bridge in Hanoi. Thirty-six strike aircraft dropped 94 tons of bombs and destroyed one span of the bridge and part of the highway.

Further attacks took place on 10 and 14 February with no losses and negligible results on the ground. In Maythe wing was the first to use laser-guided bombs LGBs in combat and its Mig-Killers nickname was gradually replaced by Bridge-busters.

From March CA Project Blind Bat flareships of the th Air Division began operations over Laos from Ubon, increasing to 6 aircraft and 12 crews before their mission was superseded by newer systems in June The aircraft had a very long nose fairing that housed a forward-looking radar and two internal aluminum weapons dispensers for CBU bomblets but no side-firing guns.

This weapon system proved less effective than the AC, and operations with it were discontinued in June The 13th BS remained but was no longer manned or equipped and was kept in a non-operational status with the 8th TFW until finally being inactivated on 24 December The squadrons also participated in Operation Linebacker II in Decemberflying primarily as chaff bombers and strike escorts.

In a 21 December attack an 8th TFW laser-guided bomb aimed at the Hanoi thermal power plant lost guidance and instead destroyed a Communist Party of Vietnam office building. In until the nd Radio Maintenance section maintained the electronic sensor intrusion detection system on the perimeters of both the base and the bomb dump. It was also the only USAF base that ran opposite direction, single runway, air traffic; landing runway 23, departing runway Two A-1 Skyraiders of the 1st Special Operations Squadron were usually based at Ubon to escort combat search and rescue missions over southern Laos and Cambodia.

Laos and Cambodia, however, were not signatories to the Paris agreement and remained in states of war. The US was helping the Royal Lao Government achieve whatever advantage possible before working out a settlement with the Pathet Lao and their allies.

Congressional pressure in Washington grew against these bombings, and on 30 Junethe United States Congress passed Public law PL andwhich cut off all funds for combat in Cambodia and all of Indochina effective 15 August At 15 Augustthe Congressionally-mandated cutoff went into effect, bringing combat activities over the skies of Cambodia to an end.

The last of the Constant Guard F—4 augmentation forces were released in September In mid the wing began to lose personnel, aircraft, and units. The last scheduled F—4 training flight occurred on 16 July and on 16 September the wing and most of its components moved without personnel or equipment to Kunsan Air BaseSouth Korea, where the wing absorbed resources of the 3d TFW that had moved without personnel or equipment to the Philippines.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For civil use of this facility, see Ubon Ratchathani Airport. Royal Thai Air Force. Retrieved 25 July Oxford University Press. Office of Air Force History. Air Force Historical Research Agency.

Air Force History and Museums Program.Selamat Menyambut Hari Kebangsaan ke As it is an open day it will only be held on that day. Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu is scheduled to officiate the open day.

Among the programs scheduled for the day are marching band and drumline performances as well as aircraft on static display. It is likely the open day will be held here next to the engineering hangar.

Two air displays are scheduled — one in the morning shortly after the opening ceremony, around 10am and an afternoon one at 1. RMAF Paskau troopers are also expected to conduct parachute jumps to kick start both displays. No details of the air displays have been released but I expect formation and solo displays from the Hornet and Hawk squadrons, 18 and 15 respectively.

A view of the apron next to the engineering hangar of Butterworth airbase, the likely location of the open day venue. For those who want to take pictures of the displays, the afternoon one is perhaps the best time to do it as the sun will be from behind.

One could still take pictures of the morning display if only to prepare for the afternoon display.

butterworth air base pictures

Its time to buzz the tower. There is no word yet on the open day planned for Kuching. I will write a post on it once details are out. This picture was taken in the morning facing the sun.

By the way posted below are some video screenshots from the Merdeka Parade rehersals on June I did not go for the Merdeka parade today but basically this are the flypasts performed by RMAF and other government agencies. After the formation flypast, the Hawks, Hornets and Flankers flew over the Merdeka parade venue but they were too fast for me to get a proper focus from my video camera.

Butterworth Service

If you like this post, buy me an espresso. Paypal Payment. Your email address will not be published. A Hornet taking off from Butterworth airbase on July Five Hornets formation. Edited, to show new afternoon display time — Malaysian Defence If you like this post, buy me an espresso. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Malaysian Defence.

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butterworth air base pictures

Okay, thanks.Vietnam Veterans Sunshine Coast. DFRB Petitions. Jul 25 In many ways Butterworth in the s and 80s was an ideal posting. It offered air force families in particular the chance of an overseas posting with additional allowances and on the surface it appeared exotic and peaceful. Because of strict press censorship and the desire of the Malaysian Government not to unduly alarm the local populace or harm the economy little was said about the existing and serious communist threat.

As the local population generally had little to fear from the communists from on this decision seems well founded. It is perhaps because of this decision that little has been written on the subject and that nature of the insurgency and its impact on the country is not generally understood. Police officers question a civilian during the Malayan Emergency. They achieved a major success, killing 17 members of Security Forces[2].

The modus operandi of guerrillas is hit and run attacks by small groups against much larger military forces. Tactics involve sabotage, ambush, raids and petty warfare.

Bythe Malayan Communists had infiltrated their former village-bases in Kelantan, Kedah and Perak and were operating along the same lines as they had done in the s[9]. Kulim is less than 30 kilometres by road from Butterworth. By October the MCP leadership had split into three different factions following internal conflicts going back to early [13]. Writing for the journal Pacific Affairs summer edition of Richard Stubbs says:. He wore only an undershirt and khaki shorts, and all that he would say when he wandered into the police station in a tiny village in Johore.

Moreover, the communists seem to have been able to attract recruits and solicit at least some support throughout the peninsula. The reason was a desire to avoid the fears of the populace leading to increase in ethnic antipathy and to avoid scaring away needed foreign investment.

While the government responded to the emergency effectively, as demonstrated by its final victory, the Communists unsettled the government. In June the murder of three planters in the state of Kedah marked the start of the Malayan Emergency, or first insurgency[31]. From the start the communists looked to the local population for support with food and money and coerced cooperation with acts of murder and violence[32].

By Chin Peng had recognised that terrorism against the civilian population had backfired and gave a directive that there be no more attacks on civilians or the infrastructure on which they relied for their livelihood and well-being[33]. In the spring of Chin Peng, the communist leader, fled Malaya to direct operations from Thailand. This had a devastating impact on the morale of the CTs.

All restrictions such as curfews, rationing and police checks were lifted. We paid a visit in Sep A further note.In DecemberBritish airfields in Northern Malaya came under heavy Japanese air attack and the situation was becoming desperate. By the 8th of Decemberthe airfields of Singora and Patani, just over the border in Thailand, were in enemy hands and an Allied attack on them was essential if the Japanese raids originating from them were to be stemmed.

Accordingly, on 9 December, the remaining machines from two badly - depleted Blenheim squadrons, No. The first mission was successful, but just before the second could be launchedJapanese bombers arrived overhead as the Blenheims were preparing to take off. Only one Blenheim, piloted by Flight Lieutenant A.

Scarfwas able to leave the ground.

butterworth air base pictures

Undaunted by the vulnerability of his solitary aircraft, Scarf headed for his target, the air field at Singora. There, despite being attacked by fighters, he dropped his bombsbut was hit in the back and left arm and mortally wounded.

Struggling to maintain consciousness, he turned back to the Malayan border and although now very weak from loss of blood, he managed to put the Blenheim down in a padi - field near Alor Star. His navigator was unhurt but Scarf himself died that night from his wounds. His actions were recognized five years later in the award of the Victoria CrossMalaya's first.

The airfield from which Scarf had struggled into the air was Butterworthsituated at the northern end of Malaya's west coast. Opening in Octoberthe Station was still under " Care and Maintenance " when Japanese air raids began unexpectedly in December. It was to this somewhat inadequate environment that a number of flying units were sent to consolidate during December, including No. Later in the day of Scarf's fateful missionthe Station suffered yet another low-level attack, in which aircraft on the ground were picked off one by one.

Some RAAF Buffaloes were in the air and tried to intercept, but they were an inadequate match for the Japanese fighters and two were shot down, other Buffaloes were destroyed or disabled by Japanese ground-strafing. So bad was the destruction that 62 Sqn, with only two serviceable Blenheimswas withdrawn to Taiping while RAAF 21 Sqn's six remaining marginally - effective Buffaloes retreated to Ipoh.

Wrecked Brewster Buffaloes. After the war in the Pacificthe Station re - formed in January and for six months was the HQ for Air Sea Rescue Unit, whose motor - launches carried out anti-smuggling patrols in local waters. Another arrival at the beginning of the year was 47 Sqn whose period of tenure, with Mosquito FBVIs, was even shorter. Later in the year it was announced that the future role of the Station, which was already handling transiting Yorks, Expediters, Mosquitoes, Spitfires, Beaufighters, Mitchells and Dakotas, would be that of a permanent staging post and heavy bomber airfield.

By the end ofNo. Lack of wood for repairs grounded the Mosquitoes for a long time, and training sorties in the Flight's Harvard were all that could be managed. Equipped with Beaufighters and Harvards, No. Although the Malayan Emergency had begun in mid, Butterworth did not become heavily involved until the spring ofwhen it began hosting detachments of fighters and light bombers needed to provide air support in Northern Malaya. One of the first such units to be taken on strength was 33 Sqn in May with Tempest F2swhich carried out rocket attacks on bandit positions.

During the first week of Operation Sword which lasted from July to Marchthe Hornets took part in attacks on known terrorist camps in Malaya. Since Butterworth was only 30 miles away, 33 Sqn was able to put its Hornets over the target area continually during daylight. Inas part of Operation Eclipse, the Hornets struck at targets pinpointed by Austers.

Operating alongside these regular forces was the Penang Squadron of the Malayan Auxiliary Air Force which, with Tiger Moths, Harvards and later Chipmunks, mounted low-level reconnaissance sorties over a seven-year period beginning in The succession of detachments reached a milestone in February with the arrival of four Canberra B6s of No.

On the last day of March33 Sqn amalgamated with another Far East Hornet squadron, No 45 at Tengah, under the latter's numberplate and based at Butterworth.Brewster Buffalos from the airfield rose to challenge the escorting Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighters but were mauled during several of these engagements by the highly trained and experienced Japanese fighter pilots. The RAF airfield was subsequently captured by units of the advancing 25th Army Imperial Japanese Army on 20 December and the control of the airfield was to remain in the hands of Japanese until the end of hostilities in September The RAF resumed control of the station and Japanese prisoners of war were made to repair the airfield as well as to improve the runways before air operations were resumed in May During the Malayan Emergency that was to last from toRAF as well as RAAF and RNZAF units stationed at the airfield played an active role from in helping to curb the communist insurgency in the jungles of Malaya by attacking suspected hideouts and harassing the communist guerrillas.

Inthe RAF closed the station. From August onwards, these Sabre jets responded on several occasions to approaches by MiG fighter jets of the Indonesian Air Force towards Malaysian airspacebut the Indonesian aircraft always turned back before crossing the international boundary, thereby averting possible conflict. During this period, No. A number of former 3 Squadron aircraft and personnel remained at Butterworth and were formed as No.

In addition, the Australian Army maintains an infantry company designated Rifle Company Butterworth at Butterworth for training purposes. The flying squadrons stationed here are: [5]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

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